Sleek Megavoltz


A regional distributor for Cre Technology in Nigeria.

We hold stock of a wide range of Cre Tech products and other power plant spares and accessories such as Cre Tech generator control modules and Synchronizing controller, Battery chargers, ABB relays and timers, Digital multi meters and power analyzers, AC & DC Contactors, Ls Air circuit breakers (ACB), Miniature circuit breakers (MCB) and molded case circuit breakers (MCCB) etc.

We are actively involved in design, assembly, Installation, commissioning and maintenance of control, monitoring, protection and instrumentation systems for power plants and engine driven applications e.g diesel and gas power generating plants, turbines, engine driven pumps etc in applications such as Manual starting, Remote or automatic starting, Automatic mains failure (AMF), Automatic transfer switching (ATS), Automatic synchronizing and load sharing of multiple plants or multiple plants with mains supply or multiple plants with gas turbines for black start or other applications etc.

We have a lot of experience in synchronizing, paralleling and load sharing on multiple brands of KVA rated diesel, gas sets, gas turbines or combinations of diesel with gas, diesel sets with gas turbine etc.